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Casues of Pain
Casues of Pain
Casues of Pain
Dr. Edwin Lau Chiropractic
We believe in providing our patients with the best quality chiropractic care available. You’ll notice our commitment to excellence in your visit, where you’ll be warmly welcomed by one of our staff. We will discuss your concerns and develop a plan that meets your needs and wishes.

We offer a variety of services for our patients, be they toddlers, seniors, or somewhere in between. These include:
  • Specific Chiropractic adjustments
  • Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements by Xymogen
  • Revolutionary computerized postural analysis and assessment
  • Advanced computerized biomechanical gait analysis and custom-made orthotics
The objective of all our services is to give our patients the best opportunity for achieving wellness thereby enhancing peak performance, increasing productivity, improving mobility, and impacting chronic conditions. Every effort is aimed at improving patient health and well-being for the long term rather than a short term "fix".

Your health and well-being is based on these 4 basic principles:

  1. The body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism.
  2. The nerve system is the master controlling and coordinating system of the body.
  3. Anything that interferes with normal nerve function such as a subluxation leads to ill-health.
  4. Anything that reduces interference with normal nerve function such as a chiropractic adjustment leads to improved health.