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Chiropractic is DIFFERENT from medicine! Chiropractic is based upon improving and maintaining structural alignment of the spine, which keeps pressure off the spinal nerves, therefore optimizing body function and health. Your body has the INNATE ability to heal itself. Your brain sends signals through the nerves to control all functions in your body and your body sends signals back through the nerves to let the brain know functions have been completed but also when something wrong has occurred. When you feel pain it is a clear indication that something is wrong, unfortunately, only 10% of your nervous system senses pain. The other 90% of the nervous system is autonomic and devoted entirely to controlling function. This means you may be experiencing diminished function without even knowing it. Consider how long it takes for someone to experience symptoms from long-standing diseases such as cancer, stroke, and diabetes to name a few.

Almost all nerves travel from the brain through the spine to reach every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. When the spine, through trauma, injury, falls, poor posture, and muscle weakness, loses its normal alignment, bones of the spine can cause pressure or irritation to the delicate nerves that exit between them.

This condition is called a subluxation; a minor misalignment of the spine causing pressure on nerves. The majority of subluxations and health problems that we see in adults started in childhood. As a result, the body begins to compensate for the subluxation with altered function and postural abnormalities. This leads to an earlier than expected progressive and degenerative change in the spine.
Although pain can sometimes occur immediately with a subluxation, more often than not, health problems including pain, occur slowly over time.

Chiropractors generally complete a Bachelor's degree prior to starting chiropractic college. Chiropractic graduate study begins with focusing on the basic sciences similar to that of other primary care givers. Following that, chiropractic training will focus on chiropractic technique to restore normal spinal biomechanics and other natural methods to improve health.

Our goal is to help our patients get free of the symptoms with which they suffer, but even more important to help them correct the cause of those problems. Symptomatic treatment that leaves the cause of the problem unhandled which will lead to more problems in the future.

Once health has been obtained, it is vital to maintain your health. Prevention and maintenance care support the goal of prolonging and improving the quality of life.