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FIRST, you will be given some required initial paperwork to fill in before your consultation. Come to the office PREPARED to discuss your health history so Dr. Lau can provide a thorough consultation. You may be asked about how your health problem is affecting your lifestyle and what your health goals are. After the initial consultation, Dr. Lau will know whether or not you are a good candidate for chiropractic care and an examination will follow.

Dr. Lau will initially take a look at the way you bend, turn, and move. He may test your reflexes and conduct other orthopaedic and chiropractic tests to locate areas in your spine that may be the cause of your health problems. Our state of the art computerized postural analysis will scan your spine and locate areas where damaged nerves may be interfering with your ability to function. If necessary, Dr. Lau may complete the examination with X-rays (if needed) to provide an excellent visual of your spinal structure. The examination is the best and most thorough you will receive..
After Dr. Lau assesses and studies the results of the examination, he will give you a complete report of findings covering the tests conducted and his recommendations. If he feels that you would be better served by another practitioner, he will refer you out accordingly. Otherwise, he will recommend a program of specific chiropractic adjustments specially designed for you. At times, before giving an estimate of the number of visits it will take to fix the problem, Dr. Lau may want to see you a few times back to back to see how your body reacts to the adjustments.

Once Dr. Lau has determined the RIGHT plan for you, subsequent office visits/specific adjustments are fairly quick taking only a few minutes. The days where you need to spend 20-30 minutes in a doctor's office, wasting your work day, are LONG GONE. Since the healing process does take time and every visit builds on the other, this makes staying on your treatment plan easy and efficient.