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An adjustment is a precise, and accurate application of force to a specific segment of the spine. There many ways the doctor can perform an 'adjustment'; he may use his hands, a specialized drop-piece table, or an Activator (a handheld device which delivers a lower but more precise force).

Spinal joints that are ‘stuck’ or not moving right can affect your health by ‘choking’ or irritating nearby nerves. Your adjustment adds motion to these areas. This helps restore the integrity of your nervous system and improves healing. Just about anyone can be adjusted, from newborns to children, adults and seniors. Even people who have had failed back surgeries can benefit naturally!
The doctor may adjust one area, or several. Your chiropractor has become a master at several adjusting techniques.

Chiropractic adjustments are more specific than spinal ‘manipulations’. It is this precision, combined with reducing irritation to your nervous system that has helped so many people!